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Envirocheck® Dip Slides

The flexible solution for monitoring the hygiene of surfaces and liquids

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Our Envirocheck® Dip Slides for semi-quantitative detection of microorganisms on surfaces and in liquids are flexible paddles that are coated with different nutrient media. After sampling and incubation the results of side A and side B allow any of five parameters to be determined, depending on the slide used. Envirocheck® Dip Slides are available for the following parameters:

  • Disinfection control
  • Total Colony Count
  • Detection of yeasts and molds
  • Detection of Enterobacteriaceae and
  • Detection of total coliforms / E. coli.

Using the small and economically priced CULTURA® Mini Incubator (optional) for incubating the Envirocheck® Dip Slides creates a convenient and flexible working environment by reducing the necessary work space. The robust and easy to clean mini incubator allows various incubation temperatures and provides a tray with holes ready for the Envirocheck® Dip Slide Tubes.

Flexible: The dip slides are easy to use, with the flexible
paddle allowing sampling even in difficult to access areas.

Safe: Before and after sampling, the agar paddle is safely protected against contamination in the plastic tube.

Low-cost solution, because you can work independent of a lab when using the CULTURA® Mini Incubator.

Easy evaluation:
 After incubation the result can be read or checked against the provided comparison chart.