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LI Settle Plates

Ready-to-us media for microbial monitoring of less critical areas

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The single-bagged, non-irradiated 90 mm LI settle plates are the perfect choice for active and passive microbial air sampling as part of your environmental monitoring routines in less critical areas. Each settle plate is labeled with a data matrix barcode, containing article number, lot number, serial number and expiry date. This paperless documentation enables secure data transfer, while saving time and effort. The LI Settle Plates can be stored at room temperature and have a long shelf life, adding to the convenience of these products.

The LI (Long Incubation) Settle Plates contain either Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA) or Sabouraud Dextrose Agar (SDA), both prepared according to the recommendations of the European and US pharmacopeias. They are supplemented with neutralizers such as Lecithin (L), tween 80 (T), histidine (H) and sodium thiosulfate (Th) are to inactivate wide range of disinfectants.

LI Settle Plates come with a higher than standard filling volume of 30 ml to compensate for water loss during extended incubation periods. For safe and efficient documentation, they are barcoded, enabling each plate to be fully traceable back to its date of use and the location of sampling.

LI Settle Plates are reliable, convenient and flexible:

Secure and reliable:

  • Data matrix barcode on each plate: Paperless and secure, reliable identification of individual plates


  • Room temperature stability: Storable at site of use
  • Long shelf life: Fewer incoming goods controls and less QC testing
  • High filling volume: Allows prolonged exposure and incubation periods


  • Suitable for passive air monitoring, personnel monitoring and for active air monitoring using our MAS Air Samplers